Why Businesses are Failing at Content Marketing

Our recent blog post on why companies fail at their content marketing is supported by the latest data:

A study by the research firm Gleanster found that inefficiencies in companies’ content marketing efforts are costing U.S. B-to-B companies nearly $1 billion annually. Nine out of 10 marketers said the most inefficient areas of their content marketing efforts are meeting task deadlines and redundant content creation.
A study by The Economist Group and the communications firm Peppercomm revealed that 75 percent of global marketers agree that mentions of their products or services are a frequent part of their content strategy. That’s a problem, business executives say, as they are turned off by content that seems like a sales pitch.
In a study by the CMO Council, marketers admit to many failings, including not allocating sufficient budget to create engaging and authoritative content, not producing content that is relevant or meaningful to different audiences, and not leveraging the right distribution channels and syndication opportunities to maximize reach.
“There has been an explosion of content marketing, but brands and agencies haven’t really embraced the values of what it takes to create content that’s compelling,” admits Jeff Pundyk, global vice president of the content solutions unit at The Economist Group.

The reality is that there is a new marketing paradigm and agencies and clients are failing to grasp it because they are not adapting their strategies, partnerships and organisations in order to become effective content marketers.

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