How to Succeed With Your Content Strategy

How to Succeed With Your Content Strategy
In today’s online landscape, creating the right kind of content and the right amount of content is a major challenge for many business owners.

You know you should invest in resources for content creation, whether internal or external, but it can be challenging knowing where to start to build your brand with content that that appeals and engages your target audience. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to make this process easier.

Here are four things you can do right now to enhance your content strategy going forward:

1) Establish Valuation Criteria

How are you standing out in the marketplace? Take a deliberate and purposeful approach to identify where there are gaps in what you are trying to say — is what you’re saying what you’re meaning to say?

2) Put Together a Complete Picture of Your Existing Content. Then Find Out If It Is What Your Customers Want.

Do an analysis of what content you currently have and what state it is in. Across the online eco-system, what content of yours is Owned Media (on your website or blog), what content is on Social Media and is it tailored for each specific channel? What content pieces such as interviews, articles, and images are posted on third-party sites?

When talking to brands, we’ve found it can be overwhelming for them to try to create engaging content for their website, as well as servicing an increasing number of social media platforms. Another challenge for them is how to repurpose existing content that provides value and where to publish it.

Should you be branching out with the types of content you’re providing your audience? What are they most interested in?
-Blog posts
-White Papers

We believe that the most important factor is focusing on what content your target audience are actually looking to for. All too often brands create vast amounts of content that reflects what is going on in the organization, but it has little value to their customers.

If you don’t know what they are looking for, talk to them and find out. This will enable you to develop the insight that will make your content effective.

Here are some additional things to consider:

-Is your existing content well-written and accurate?
-Does your content evoke an emotion that compels people to contact you and does it provide value?
-Is the style of your content streamlined with your branding and voice?
-Is your content talking directly to your target audience?
-Can your content be repurposed, and if so, how?

3) Content Goals You’d Like to Reach Within The Budget You’re Working With

You know what success looks like when you see it, but do you know where your most media spend should be? How will you achieve these goals while being cost-effective?

4) Use an Objective Third-Party

Consider using an objective third-party who has experience building strategies for brands who will not only give you tactical content strategy ideas, but also explain to you why those ideas fit your brand.

Need help auditing your current content eco-system? No problem! Through the use of our Content Compass Proprietary Planning Process, we will show you how you need to navigate your brand to effective and useful content.

Content Planning Process

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