I have a long history in both brand content creation and digital journalism.

2006-2007: Conceived of, created, launched, and edited, a popular online health blog and community. This was very early on in the days of blogging and content marketing, and the site became one of the Malibu company’s major revenue drivers, with conferences, books, ebooks and a large following.

2007-2012: Founding Editor in Chief of, an eco fashion and culture publication that boasted a monthly audience of half a million and was widely regarded as a leading green website. EcoSalon was successfully acquired in 2012.
During that time I was also published widely in publications such as Fast Company, Hearst’s The Daily Green, Discovery’s Treehugger and Planet Green, Altnet, Yahoo Shine, and many others.

2012-2013: After launching, running, and selling EcoSalon, I moved on to an executive editor role at Dwell Media, which publishes the national award-winning Dwell Magazine. There I spearheaded not only an overhaul of the digital content strategy across the website, apps, and social, I wrote and curated the first augmented-reality-enabled print issue.

In 2012 I was also starring the video talent and social media ambassador for the Coca-Cola company, represented by CAA. I wrote the scripts and starred in the video series surrounding the launch of Dasani’s first eco-friendly plant-based bottle.

Since 2013 I have been a marketing and digital content strategist, serving in various consulting and permanent roles in LA’s growing startup scene. Most notably, from February through November I served as head of marketing for Smartify, a venture-backed social marketing startup.

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