I’ve always been a StoryTeller: My moto: Sharing cool content as a Latina-influencer: This started as a Costume Designer for fashion/Film/TV cut too turn Social Media Strategist / Biz Dev for SAAS and Digi Agency to now writing webseries, social media campaigns/ and 7 year dedicated Content Marketer/Blogger. SEO/SEM and Analytics. Biggest Accomplishment to date was invited as White House Press Correspondent for Latino Leaders Community. I focus on best practices for technology startups, culture and digital /social media strategies. Content creation for entertainment & fashion industries. Meanwhile: storytelling: culture, travel, American/Latino foreign policy and history as well as political opinion.

I am a Latina Influencer. I share cool content around the world to a daytime disco. This means I believe in sharing positive stories that empowers individuals / groups and organizations including startup businesses from the Latina perspective. I work to help the greater good of the underdog, the 99% both here in the United States and in Latin America. I work for social good and a component to work to engage and enlighten stories that need to be told.

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