With 14 years of experience in managing the creation of everything from live action production to 2D logos and award-winning event graphics, I have the expertise necessary for executing top notch content. Until February 2014, I served as Executive Producer of Ant Farm, where I led and shaped a talented team of artists and producers who provided design, vfx and animation services for short form promos, television and game marketing campaigns, main titles, print, out of home campaigns, packaging, advertising and brand marketing for the agency and its theatrical trailer division Industry Creative. I serviced a client base including most major motion picture studios, networks, game companies, and such content portals as Google and YouTube, and brands such as Microsoft, Disney and HP. The quality of the content produced under my direct supervision contributed to many awards for the agency, including a 2013 Gold Key Art Award, and Agency of the Year at the 2013 Game Marketing Awards. I am a member of the Producers Guild of America and ASCAP.

I consider myself a Solution Management Specialist. My goal is always to support the creative, and I provide proven leadership and experience in every kind of content creation to best service the need of each project. I truly enjoy the process of what we do, and keep stress out of the picture for myself and my entire team. When you know that you have the right people doing the right jobs, there’s never any need for stress. Every unexpected twist (and there are ALWAYS unexpected twists) is met with a calm pragmatic approach and a smile.

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