I’m a Freelance Writer and Producer with a passion for hunting down and sharing great stories that inspire, inform and entertain. I’m a former TV/Radio Reporter/Anchor with several Emmys under my belt. That means along with having a solid foundation in journalism, I’m creative, work well on my own or with others and understand how to get the job done on deadline. Whether it’s snackable content or long form I can write it and find the best images to make it pop.

I believe everyone has a story to tell­­­layers of stories in fact. Storytelling, whether it’s about an individual, a company, or a community is what drives every aspect of our lives. Stories of triumph and defeat and everything in between is what inspires creativity, new business, new leaders and endless possibilities of growth and compassion in all of our lives. As a Writer/Producer I want to uncover those stories and encourage people to share their lives and experiences in the truest ways possible.

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