I’m the co-author of The New York Times bestseller Sh*tty Mom: The Parenting Guide for the Rest of Us, and, with Dr. Harry Fisch, The New Naked: The Ultimate Sex Education for Grown-ups. GEMs of Beauty, my monthly beauty column, appears at http://www.goodenoughmother.com/category/health-beauty/gems-of-beauty/. I’m also the author of two novels, Lunch and Belladonna; have ghostwritten/co-authored over two dozen nonfiction books; written hundreds of articles on pop culture, entertainment, and beauty for online and print publications in the US, UK, and Australia; and worked as a freelance correspondent for BBC World Service Radio.

As a ghostwriter, I can write in anyone’s voice on nearly any topic. I’ve interviewed hundreds of celebrities and other famous faces and am well-versed in asking provocative questions that can elicit provocative responses.

Everyone has unique content and unique stores to tell-they just need to find a way to best express it. My job is to help you find your voice so that it’s yours, and expressed in the most creative and interesting way possible.

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