I provided content for a now defunct online publication The Magazine of Yoga. My background is in providing assistance to mid to senior level executives; before my freelance career began I worked at Bank of America, Fox Studios and Sony Pictures Studios. While still at Sony I began a yoga teacher training program and began teaching full time immediately after becoming certified due to being laid off from Sony. I aggressively pursued teaching gigs around Los Angeles and in the pursuit of recognition in the sea of LA yoga instructors I used social media to court attention, and it worked…it worked really really well!

I taught at two physical therapy clinics, New Roads Middle School, employee fitness facilities for Paramount, Sony and Disney studios, Equinox Woodland Hills, and contracted with a corporate wellness company to teach at boutique hotels. Obviously this work won’t require me to teach a single yoga class, I am just sharing because I created each of those opportunities by networking both on and offline. My passion for connecting and “building a buzz” is what helped me realize that I no longer wanted to teach and decided to take social media seriously.

I have an in-depth knowledge of the Los Angeles yoga scene and yoga and fitness in general. I also, write from a very authentic place and donÕt mind sharing my own personal experiences.

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