After a significant experience in Ogilvy Milan, where I had the opportunity to work across all divisions, in an international environment, and specialize in pitches and new business, I have began to work as a freelancer and, in few years, I am proud of working for international agencies as copywriter, transcreator and consultant, but I also work as VO director and provide cultural and social consultations. I also work for selected Italian agencies and production companies as concept creator, writer and copywriter, especially on pitches, new business and launches of new products. Moreover, I am the founder of Circle Entertainment (, a creative lab that is giving birth to projects such as Brandin’Movie (, the Italian database of TV and cinema product placement, and creating short movies some of which are achieving resounding success at film festivals in Europe and USA.

One of the reasons I love my job is that I never get bored. I have the opportunity to work on so many different products and services on a daily basis. And this also means doing many different things all the time. Not only copywring and writing, but also VO direction, voxpop and interviews, researches and consultations, contributing to shootings and events and every challenge that lies ahead.

After graduating in Law, just to make my family happy, I chose this profession reading David Ogilvy’s books. I completely embrace his philosophy about creativity and working. I think creativity without rationality is not effective in our job. we sell or else is the aim, creativity (along with research) is the means. I love storytelling, I think we have to entertain, alwaysÉ thatÕs why I slowly moved from pure copywriting to writing and movie making, ’cause I think movies are the best and most complete way to convey a message or a story, through the images, the words, the sounds and the music.

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