Since 2006 I have owned and operated a boutique production company specializing in story rich adventure sports and adventure travel content. Our work includes award winning TV series for NBC Universal Sports, short form branded content for web and the film festival market as well as TV commercial work. Our most recent work includes an online branded series for a bicycle brand, using real journeys of their ambassadors to highlight the brand more organically than traditional commercial advertising. While Adventure is definitely front and center in our wheelhouse, we also employ our expertise in other areas. Recent work pertaining to this includes a series of TV commercials for a major culinary institute highlighting the excitement of the culinary profession.

Our key unique skills include the ability to keep the crew to a minimum, working best with 2-3 person film crews to capture reality without altering it with production paraphernalia. We are equally at home at 22,000ft on a rock face with whatever we can carry as we are in a studio.

A powerful story is the most important thing, above incredible imagery or high production value. Stories that are relevant to all of us exist on every corner, one simply has to hone one’s ability to see them and relate to them.

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