I’m a specialist in writing content for online platforms. I started writing content for different kinds of brands when I was 17, and since then I’m very passionate about it. I have a long term experience setting strategy for content according to the goals of different brands. I’m also very into the planning part of the content, no only the writing per se, creating a persona and the editorial plan for the brand to define the voice that the brand need to talk and the personality behind it. I can write in different kind of voices according to the necessity of the job. I mostly work with content in brazilian portuguese, but I create strategy and digital planning for different kinds of brands around the world. Recently I’ve been working a lot with blog and Facebook content, and also culturally adapting and translating english to brazilian portuguese for a few startups.

I believe that content needs to be believable, like a person is really talking to you, understanding what you are thinking and answering that before you even see it.

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