I was schooled in B2B PR “cutting my teeth on press releases and magazine articles for several construction equipment manufacturers, before progressing onto similar feats of editorial endurance” writing copy for clients working in: energy efficient lighting (intriguing); industrial adhesives (surprisingly fascinating); ad tech (curious but hard to fathom); and foodservice (mercenary).
Right now I’m stuck in my native UK (picture me as a steed-mounted, bearded Boadicea). I’m currently hawking my trade as a copywriter for UCAS,a well known brand over here (they basically have a monopoly on university applications). I get to do some cool stuff as the only copywriter in an organization of some 400 people I’m responsible for writing all of UCAS’ marketing materials; from sales collateral to email newsletters, banner ads to tweets, as well as convention guides, video scripts, direct mail, and print ads (here’s one campaign I was particularly pleased from earlier this year:

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