I am currently the leading content creator and social media manager for the web site, Brain Blogger. Under the title of The Hollywood Medical Reporter, I write articles that review and analyze films and television programs with a particular eye on their medical accuracy. I bring a perspective of media expertise to these articles, and the medical proficiency is assured via peer reviews by a staff of medical professionals.
I studied writing, film theory, with a focus on screenwriting at Hampshire College, where I received my BA. I have worked as a script reader/consultant, and contributed to film project development for an independent production company. For one of my independent writing assignments, I was commissioned by a Pulitzer Prize Winning historian to turn his book into a screen treatment. I have also held responsibilities writing grant proposals, fundraiser campaigns and served as a social media consult and manager.
My creative philosophy is one that purports ethically accurate entertainment. I believe that media as a whole has an awesome power to influence; and while that must not be taken lightly, it needn’t stand in the way of content that is fun and entertaining.

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