Copywriter for wide range of brands and companies, from startup to global, working in fields as diverse as beauty, financial, luxury, and even extreme sports. Content strategist for companies with websites ranging from small and informational for small clientele, to complex interactional for global brand clientele. 8+ years copywriting. 6+ years content strategy. I Have worked as a “full stack” Content Strategist for websites with highly complex, data driven interactions and large back?end development (Open X, Spot Runner). Have worked for multiple clients in redeveloping and rebuilding their sites to be responsive and mobile friendly.

I believe in healthy discomfort with what already exists, I believe in forward thinking no matter what subject or vertical. I believe in doing what is scary. I believe that the best is worthing fighting about. I believe failure is a great thing among the right people. And I’m happy to be wrong in the face of good metrics.

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