I have 7+ years video production experience specializing in brand engagement and audience building. In addition to a professional profile that includes feature and commercial production, I specialize in digital/new media content creation and have increased same client sales 50% through video production. My most recent clients have included the Nerdist, Oahu Tourism, Travel Mindset, and various independent production companies.

I am trained on dSLR video production, C300, RED, and Blackmagic Cameras, and skilled at each camera’s post production workflow. I am also trained on Final Cut Pro 6,7 and the Adobe Creative Suite, which includes editing with Premier Pro and graphic creation and integration with Photoshop and After Effects.
More than anything, I love to share slightly heightened realities, be that in the production style or the actual story of the product/place/person. I’m passionate about storytelling through a lens where the subject is examined in unusual or unique ways that can illuminate their place and use by being juxtaposed against a surreal reality.

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