I was recently working as counselor of E-Commerce Developing at both Esam Co and Golestan Co, Co-operating directly with Web and Marketing Manager besides Web Developers.

Alongside with this activities, I try my best to represent high quality android applications and enreached-content Websites. I used to work as a Web Developer, Designer and Internet Expert at Maadiran , reporting directly to Web Manager. I have a total of 6 years of full-time work experience. I believe that the skills I have acquired in the course of my professional and educational experiences will be valuable assets for most of organization and/or clients.

These days, due to high speed internet and busy lives, people usually spend their free time for surfing net. Thus, the “More traffic” you have on your website, more money you put on your pocket. I strongly believe that these days,regardless of the business you have, having a website or online shop, can make your income much more than any time in your business history. However it depends on the design, SEO and the services you represent on your site.

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