I am a maverick marketer and mom who thrives on creating content that consumers want and need. I am the Editor In Chief of the popular website Ladies Live and where I provide engaging content targeted to women the site is a syndicate of A&E/Lifetime Televisions’ Lifetime Moms where I have served as an editor and personality. I am Co-Founder and Editor In Chief of Notorious POP from the makers of Uptown Magazine and Vibe Magazine. I have also represented top brands such as Disney, Got Milk? and The American Heart Association in print and video campaigns to name a few. I have +20,000 followers across my social media channels. I have a Klout score of 67 which is in the top 5% of all social media users. As a brand storyteller and marketer I have led transformational results for billion dollar brands from Kraft Foods and others. I understand and love creating original and branded content. I am specialized in creating branded and original content with a focus on lifestyle and parenting.

My creative philosophy boils down to authenticity. I bring a point of view that always insightful, fresh often funny but most of all authentic to the content I create designed for consumers for entertainment, inspiration, information and empowerment.

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